VXO Zine Fest

On Saturday September 24 we are arranging VXO Zine Fest 2022 at Växjö city library. This will be the fourth annual VXO Zine Fest. Hope to see you there!

Lördagen den 24 september arrangerar vi VXO Zine Fest 2022 på Växjö stadsbibliotek. Detta blir den fjärde årliga VXO Zine Fest. Hoppas vi ses där!

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Scenschema/Stage schedule

11.30 Ronja Håkansson 11.50 Stefano Samà/Uhm Zines 12.10 Karolina Cerise 12.30 Christine Hebel 12.50 Daniele Escoffier/Dani el Sun 13.10 Erica Engdahl 13.30 Nanna Mikkelsen/KURIOSA 13.50 Max Hansson 14.10 Ruairí Willow Moore 14.30 Elise Esposito 14.50 Jerker Kaj/Agnes Vardag


This year we’re trying something new and adding a stage element to the festivities! Our vendors have all been asked if they want to do something on stage such as give a short talk or perform a poem or two. We’ll publish the schedule for the stage here on Friday Sep 23 and you’ll alsoContinue reading “Stage/Scen”


YES! Of course we’re doing an event this year too! We’ve been having so much fun with the last 3 events so we’re keeping it up. Sep 24 is the day, Växjö city library is the place and 10.00 to 16.00 is the time. BE THERE, FRIENDS! JA! Självklart kör vi ett event i årContinue reading “VXOZF22”

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